And sometimes you just need to sit under a tree

Scattered. Sad. Confused. Frustrated.

There is so much for us to deal with in our world, from how we create our lives to external influences beyond our control. It often results in feeling not the best I could be. I have forgotten what doing nothing feels like. Even when I’m having down time I feel the need to check emails or social media, look up that thing I forgot to check out previously, watch a show, read.. basically anything to avoid just being and listening.

I have the perfect opportunity to be tuning out & tuning in right now as I’m waiting to pick up Bella from an activity.. Instead I’m writing this!! Of course it’s relevant as I want to share it with you.. But I always have a reason not to stop. AND there is always going to be things that need to be done.

If I’m ungrounded, I will be feeling a variant of emotions. Being frustrated and clumsy. Perhaps forgetting what I was up to or putting the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge. My head gets caught up in all the doing and I am not present to Be-ing.

So when I take myself outside and get present to nature, get present to my body & my breath.. I feel.. Amazing. Peaceful. Love.

Even if I’m still dealing with crappy things or a hectic schedule. So if you don’t want to live your life on auto pilot, or you need to break out of the whirlwind of unsatisfying emotions, or you’re struggling to make decisions, or you just haven’t done it today.. Go find a tree and sit under it. Allow yourself to see just how amazing trees are and the energy surrounding you. Take 36 deep breaths and get present to YOU, and you will start to see just how amazing you are.

Love Pip

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