Soon this space will be overflowing with info and resources for you, including items you can purchase directly from me.

While I finish setting it up, here’s a few ideas!

Doreen Virtue Chakra Cleansing Morning and Evening meditation (20 mins each) try them out here:

To receive my free grounding meditation (being released soon!) just make sure you are signed up to receive grounded guidance.


Carry them on you (bra, pockets, handbag, on your desk at work, under your pillow) there are dozens but I find the essentials are Rose Quartz (love), clear quartz (healing, higher self connection), amethyst (intuition), citrine (abundance), smoky quartz (grounding), fluorite (focus), hematite (protection), tigers eye (courage/ confidence).

Angel oracle cards

Did you know you can purchase Angel oracle cards and similar as Apps – then you have them with you on your phone anytime!

YOUR ULTIMATE RESOURCE available 24/7– the Angels! Call on them anytime you need support or help and they will be there to guide you.