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A nourishing exercise to complete the year

Have you had a huge, fast year too? I feel the need to gain some perspective on the year, to acknowledge achievements and reflect on lessons learnt, before stepping into creating. If we don’t complete our past, with the intention of leaving it there, behind us, it tends to follow us into the future.  Each year, I do an exercise which allows me to acknowledge and release all from the year, so that I can freely create a new. One way I do this is to get a giant piece of paper and write all the highlights and lowlights down and then tear up and burn the paper in a ritualistic way – very therapeutic! Another way is to get[…] Read More…

Why there are no blogs on the blog!

Hi Guys, so my site got attacked – and as the universe would have it, I simply could not get into it and all my posts were lost. No coincidence that this occurred just before I was due to give birth, and hurriedly attempting to “complete” everything before bub arrived. I could not reload then nor did I have the chance to write more – you would know that I do not do things for the sake of SEO or web presence. I was simply meant to just chill!! All in divine timing… Love Pip xx

And sometimes you just need to sit under a tree

Scattered. Sad. Confused. Frustrated. There is so much for us to deal with in our world, from how we create our lives to external influences beyond our control. It often results in feeling not the best I could be. I have forgotten what doing nothing feels like. Even when I’m having down time I feel the need to check emails or social media, look up that thing I forgot to check out previously, watch a show, read.. basically anything to avoid just being and listening.