Who is Pip Herbert?

Pip Herbert - Clairvoyant PsychicI have been aware of receiving messages from spirit and the angels for most of my life & recently got the push from my guides to follow this path ‘full time’.

It took me a while to become used to the term psychic – it may sound strange to you but before I became ‘a psychic’ I had never had a psychic reading. I did not realize that what I could do was different. I’ve worked in some great roles in small business and corporate and always had a burning desire to make a difference, though never would have guessed this is what I would be doing (crazy hey – I’m meant to be psychic!!) Over recent years I have sharpened my intuitive abilities so that I can live a life of being joyfully connected to my higher self. Through this experience, I have learned about loving myself for who I am and become very clear on my purpose. I feel very grateful to have this gift to help others on their journey.

In all of my readings I will use any of my skills and all of my intuitive abilities to bring you whatever is in your highest good at that time – be prepared that I do not sugar coat and will pass on to you all that I am ‘told’ to. This may be the truth you have been searching for and the shake up you need in your life, and for those facing big changes you may like to see me regularly over a period of time so that your spiritual posse can be with you to help you through the next phase in your journey. I have also helped many to bring closure to their families through contacting the spirit world and providing answers and guidance.

Part of my purpose is to teach that we all have intuitive and psychic abilities and I offer support to those wanting to develop their intuition through personalized mentoring and group workshops.

See more about how we can work together to unlock your own intuition and gain clarity and confidence here.